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Planning a Major Bathroom Renovation

Although it is normally the smallest room in the home, it is nonetheless one of the most important as far as many people are concerned. Whether you prefer a relaxing bath or an invigorating shower, having a beautiful bathroom can make daily life so much more enjoyable and luxurious, which is why bathroom renovations are one of the most popular home renovation projects in Sydney and across Australia. If you would like to update your bathroom and turn it into a place where it is an absolute pleasure to spend time at the start and finish of each day, the tips from our team of experts, which we have gathered together below, are sure to come in handy at the planning stage.


How to Get Started on Your Bathroom Refurbishment Project

There are two main factors to consider at the start of a renovation project of this nature: cost and time. How much will you need to spend and how long will it take?

  • Cost – The budget for your renovation project will need to cover the cost of all the materials, fixtures and fittings you purchase and the labour costs associated with installing them. You can estimate how much you need to spend on bathroom supplies by checking out the price of the basins, accessories, bath tubs, shower screens, cabinets and other products that you will need. You can find all of these in the bathrooms category on our site and if you need any help locating particular items, please do not hesitate to call and speak to us during business hours. It is not necessary to decide exactly what fixtures and fittings you wish to purchase at this stage: you are just trying to come up with a rough figure for costing purposes.


  • Timescale – Given the fact that most people use their bathroom on a daily basis, you will need to plan the decorating and installation of new fixtures very carefully in order to minimise the disruption that it causes to you and your family. The planning stage itself could take several months, depending on how long you spend researching possible colour schemes, available bathroom supplies in Sydney, local contractors etcetera, but it is the actual installation stage that is most important, which is why we recommend obtaining firm estimates from several bathroom renovation specialists before you get started in earnest. If you have a second bathroom in your home then it will be quite easy to carry on life as normal while the renovation work is completed but if not, you might need to consider moving out for a short period of time.


Once you are happy that it is a practical undertaking from a cost and time perspective, you can start to think about the actual fixtures and fittings you would like to install, along with any paintwork and tiling that you would like to freshen up as part of the renovation process. The best thing to do is to arrange a free consultation with a local contractor, during which you will be able to discuss your ideas in as much detail as you desire and find out how easy it will be to turn your dreams into reality. If you choose to buy your bathroom supplies online and hire a local contractor to handle all of the installation work, you may find that you are able to stretch your budget further than would otherwise be possible so this is an approach that is well worth considering.


Personal Research

Before attending your first consultation with a local contractor, you should spend some time researching current design trends online, to ensure that you are aware of all the possibilities you can explore when discussing your renovation plans in detail. Whether you are looking for ideas that are suitable for compact bathroom interiors or large, sumptuous rooms with space for a Jacuzzi as well as a full-sized tub, you are sure to find plenty of inspiration on the Internet. If you have a good idea of the style and features you would like to aim for with your renovation project, you will find that your consultation will be far more productive.

When you are considering design trends and particular features, it is important to think about functionality as well as aesthetics: a beautiful bathroom that is difficult for you to use will be of little use and you will soon grow tired of it, no matter how good it looks. If you have any doubts about whether a particular size of bath tub will be suitable for your needs or a certain type of shower will fit in with your day-to-day requirements, you can either call us and speak to a member of our sales team or discuss your concerns with your contractor when you meet to go over your plans. With the wide variety of bathroom accessories available today, you should not find it difficult to achieve a design that is both visually pleasing and extremely practical too but you will need to do your homework and plan carefully if you want to avoid making any expensive mistakes.


Making the Most of Your Budget

As mentioned above, you can stretch your budget a little further by sourcing your own materials and if you want to make sure that you get the best value for money possible, you should take a look at the fixtures and fittings we have to offer, all of which can be delivered direct to your home within a few days. We have a large bathroom warehouse located in Hurlstone Park and deliver across the city on a daily basis, making us the most convenient supplier for homeowners in all areas of Sydney.

To place an order for bathroom vanities in Sydney or any other fixtures and fittings, please visit our online bathroom store and select the items you would like to buy. If you are not sure what to do, call or email us whenever convenient and we will be delighted to be of assistance.